Kathryn Teh

I am currently a 4th year trainee with Hunter New England Psychiatry program and have a special interest in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, particularly with regard to developmental trauma, neurodevelopmental disorders, and the systems issues involving the young person and the people around them. I am psychodynamically informed in my approach to clinical practice whilst also carefully considering the biological basis of illness. I aspire to work at the Tavistock Clinic in London one day. Outside of clinical practice, I am involved with the psychiatry medical education program at the University of Newcastle. Outside of work, I continue to thoroughly partake of organised team sport and have had the pleasure of travelling across the globe as part of this. I have not for a moment regretted travelling down this road of Psychiatry as a specialty; with the opportunity to do rewarding, fulfilling, work whilst maintaining a balanced-lifestyle, a career in Psychiatry has afforded me ample opportunity to build on the two-fold foundations touted by Freud to be the at the heart of human living: to work and to love.

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